Spring2ACTion Raises $1,031,282 for 121 Alexandria Nonprofits!

Alexandria’s annual online giving day, Spring2ACTion, generated a record-breaking $1,031,282 for 121 Alexandria nonprofits in just 24 hours on April 9. More than 7500 individuals joined forces with local restaurants and boutiques to participate in this fourth annual crowd-funding event. Hosted

Hannity endorses Comstock for Congress in Va.

The Comstock for Congress campaign says that conservative political commentator Sean Hannity has endorsed Barbara Comstock in her run for Virginia's 10th Congressional District. According to her campaign in a press release on Wednesday, "This key endorsement adds to her already impressive

Counselors push high school students to apply for federal financial aid

Seniors at Alexandria’s T.C. Williams High School offered such reasoning this week to explain why they had not filled out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, the main form prospective students use to gain federal financial help to attend college. As educators and politicians work to increase college attendance

Senate Budget Reinstates Marketplace Virginia

The battle for a passable Virginia budget continues in the General Assembly after the Senate passed a budget bill Tuesday that the House of Delegates likely will reject. The Senate form of the budget, Senate Bill 5003, includes the private health care plan Marketplace Virginia and removes

Colleges’ Student-Suicide Reporting Varies

After the recent deaths of two Virginia Commonwealth University students that were ruled as suicides, students around Virginia are asking questions about how universities report student deaths to campus community. From 2003 to 2012, at least 213 college students committed suicide, according

MY VIEW/The Sweet Scent of Spring

While running on a dirt road, up a slight hill, the Kelly green of the forest floor nearby, a soft breeze washed over me and there was the sweetest scent, I imagined, from the fruit trees nearby. Ah, finally, the sweet smell of spring, an antidote for the sickness of mind that is modern society.

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