Community keeps history alive at Freedmen Cemetery

An Alexandria landmark, the Contrabands and Freedmen Cemetery Memorial continues to bring healing to some in Old Town’s African-American community as the public marked the second anniversary of the memorial's

Love living downtown? 4 DC suburbs to consider

When people think of the downtown District of Columbia, images of the National Mall, Capitol Hill and Chinatown usually come to mind. But the District of Columbia isn’t the

Water in Alexandria jail, government buildings tests high for lead

After testing 841 water fixtures in government buildings across the City of Alexandria, officials announced that 25 had lead levels higher than what is recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency, while the rest were lead-free

Arlington National Cemetery to increase security

Arlington National Cemetery will increase its security measures, including requiring a government-issued photo ID for people arriving in cars and screening pedestrian visitors.

Steel Magnolias: Heartwarmer opens at the Little Theatre of Alexandria

If you are of a certain age, you may recall the film version of Steel Magnolias. Produced for the stage at the LTA, this play provides a glimpse into the sense of family and community and support that

Alexandria school told parents of low-performing students about right to opt out of testing

Parents in Virginia are allowed to opt their children out of state exams, but one area principal has been disciplined for trying to take advantage of that law. An investigation by the Alexandria City Public Schools found

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